Public Relations. Marketing Communications. Media Relations. Promotion.

Whatever you call it, we call it relationship building. That's what PR and marketing does. Builds relationships with your customers, your clients, your members. Informs and educates your audiences about what you do and why they need your product or service, why the world needs your product or service, or why they should join you. 

We offer:                                    Writing    ·    Editing     ·    Media Relations                                                                

Marketing   ·   Strategic Planning   ·   Branding & Profile Elevation    ·   Project Management

                    Organizational Development   ·   Training, Mentoring & Team Building   ·   Interim Staffing  

Which fosters:        More Efficient Utilization of Resources   ·   Lead Generation   ·   Greater Visibility   ·   More Interest

And leads to:        Increased Funding   ·   Increased Membership   ·   Increased Sales   ·   Increased Influence

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