Tech-Savvy Can Raise Your Profile. Work is done remotely, or on-site, or a combination of the two. 

Services Offered

Writing & Editing

Need a press release written? Some new content on your web site? A brochure or flier? Tech-Savvy promises a quick turn around. 

Media Relations

Tech-Savvy will publicize and promote your newest product or event, with outreach to both traditional and online media. 

Strategic Marketing and Business Analysis

Whether you're a long-established company or a start-up looking for customers or members, Tech-Savvy can promote your business and foster growth. Perhaps you have some ideas where to start; perhaps you don’t. This is where strategic analysis comes into play. Theresa will design and conduct an analysis of the company programs and resources to determine the best way to reach your goals. Upon completion of the analysis and presentation of the results, she can then implement indicated changes, additions or deletions to your programs and services. Or she can offer her recommendation and leave it to you. 

This service is for companies looking to:

   -increase their sales or bottom line;

   -develop additional revenue streams for a startup or nonprofit;

   -turn around a business in decline;

   -add new products or services

   -expand their presence and their influence.

Recommendations (and services offered) may include any or all of the following: writing, editing, building or revamping a web site or blog, message development, branding, social media, outreach to the news media and the community, establishing an industry presence, holding focus groups or developing surveys, speech writing, public speaking, customer service procedures, internal processes, employee appreciation and retention.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

In today’s digital world, social media is a critical component of any successful outreach. Whether you already have an online presence or you’re just starting out, Theresa can design a complete social media strategy for your company. She develops key messages specifically for your target audiences, schedules their release on the appropriate applications, and makes essential connections on your behalf. Everything is tied together with your web site and blog. She then optimizes your web site to ensure your customers find you. Don’t have a web site? Theresa can build one for you, and even write the copy and design the navigation. (We’ve come a long way since she first built a site in HTML code and worked with image maps because there was no web site software yet.) 

Project Management

Already know what you need? Theresa can see a project or program through from inception to completion. Always keeping the big picture in mind, as integrated marketing communications is one of the keys to success,  she is available for your smaller projects, like developing a brochure, building a press outreach program or writing a web site.

Interim Staffing

With downsizing and budget cuts, it can be difficult to afford and rationalize the need for a full-time marketing department. But if you want your company to stand out and continue to grow, you can’t neglect marketing. Theresa is available for executive marketing, communications and program positions on a temporary, interim or as-needed basis.  She has extensive experience with starting up or expanding communications and marketing divisions within organizations. Theresa can also step in and run your small- to medium-sized nonprofit while you search for a new CEO. 


Need some help with the digital world? Theresa can teach individuals or groups how to use smart phones, setup and enhance social media, make changes to websites through content management, and explain the purpose and growing popularity of online applications. She can also write training manuals.

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"Welcome to the 21st Century."

     --Board Member, Public Justice

"She achieved consensus among staff members with disparate views to move internal projects forward with sensitivity to all involved. Theresa demonstrated excellent communication skills as Director of Communications at The Johnson Foundation. She developed and managed several external conferences, crossing cultural barriers with ease on often contentious issues, bringing agendas to successful conclusions. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her work and would be an asset to any organization."

     --Linda Stengel, former Johnson Foundation employee

"Her resourcefulness has always made it possible to accomplish difficult tasks. Theresa is an energetic and creative director. She has a wide range of experiences and can deal with all types of people with a sense of humor and finesse."

     --Carol Barkow, Director, RAMAC

"Theresa is a talented, hard-working, energetic and creative public relations professional. She writes well, has terrific relations with a number of journalists, and has a superb strategic sense of how to build a compelling narrative. She is also a fun and warm person with whom to work." 

     --Paul Bland, Sr. Staff Attorney, Public Justice